Photographs of DANDE


Anechoic chamber at First RF in Boulder, CO - Antenna testing 



Testing and Integration in the COSGC clean room - Boulder, Colorado


Testing of the COM system 

Long Range Communication Testing - Boulder, Colorado


"Dreaming about Flight" Boulder, Colorado


DANDE on the vibration testing table at Lockheed (vibe) - Denver, Colorado


Some of the DANDE team members watching vibe testing


Shipping DANDE to AFRL Summer 2012


Delivery to Air Force Research Labs in Albuquerque NM (AFRL)


DANDE in the Thermal Vacuum chamber (TVAC)


The DANDE team outside SpaceX before launch 

The DANDE team outside of the SpaceX facility before launch - Hawthorne, California


DANDE launch

DANDE launch - Vandenburg Air Force Base, California

2013-09-29 21 21 28-Russia

First captured DANDE beacon

(courtesy of Dmitry Pashkov, Ruzaevsky Polytechnic College, Russia) 


SEP as seen by Maui Optical

Visual Confirmation of the LAB separation as seen by the Air Force's Maui Optical Station 

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